Frequently Asked Questions


My New equipment is already showing signs of corrosion damage, what's the problem?
Manufacturer's often paint gear strictly for looks and will generally cut costs in this area. Much of the work we do involves applying heavy duty coating systems to new equipment for use in aggressive industrial environments.
How do you achieve complete coverage in the hard to reach cooling fin areas?
Our custom flowcoating process ensures complete coverage over all radiator surfaces using materials designed for that purpose.
What about my equipment that has existing lead based coatings?
We can take samples, have them tested by an independent lab and provide you with the results. We can then set the job up in cooperation with your industrial hygienist. All New-Hart Services personnel are certified and get recertified annually in the methods and procedures involving lead abatement.
My switchgear and mcc equipment has rust damage and leaking roof areas, rust through holes in side panels, and doors with broken hardware and hinges. Can you help?
New-Hart Services personnel have the expertise to repair the roof decking and apply membrane roofing materials. We can remove and replace damaged side panels and doors, and install or repair hinges and other hardware. Our personnel are experienced with and work safely around relays and other sensitive equipment that you may have in service.
What about warranty on paint work?
We provide a minimum five year warranty on our work in the harsh Chemical plant and refinery environments. We extend the warranty for longer periods in less aggressive environments.
What about your safety record?
Last four years Experience Modifier Rates (EMR) 2011 = .77 / 2012 = .77 / 2013 = .77 / 2014 = .77 Zero recordables, Zero lost time accidents. New-Hart Services, Inc. has over twenty years continued service without a lost time occurrence. We are audited anually by two seperate third party companies that ensure we meet or exceed our contractual agreements with two major oil companies.