Substation & Transformer Repair

Perfect Safety Record Since Inception

Transformer leak repair:
We have the equipment on site and the expertise to repair most rust through pin hole and weld seam leaks in radiators without the need to de-energize the equipment.

Complete gasket replacement:
Radiator flange gaskets, valve packings, bushings, access covers and tap changers. We custom cut gaskets on-site.

Bus Duct repairs and modifications:
Our personnel have the expertise to repair corrosion damaged cabinets and bus duct then weatherproof it. New-Hart Services doesn't just paint over problems; we bring the situation to the attention of the customer and make proper recommendations for repair. We have equipment for on-site fabrication and expertise to make the proper repairs. To facilitate testing and inspection, we install access panels in the most advantageous locations for the customer.

Metal clad switchgear, motor control center refurbishment & weatherproofing:
New-Hart Services can install membrane-roofing systems over sound steel roof decking. We can make repairs to existing metal clad switchgear roofing and install new steel decking over the existing roofs which greatly extends the life of the gear. We provide all forms of metal repairs to panels, structures, steel flooring and switchgear cabinets. Doors and hardware are returned to proper working order; including locking and latching mechanisms and hinges.