Substation & Transformer Painting

Do it the Right Way with Flow Coating

Substation painting energized or de-energized substation painting and cleaning:
Equipment including, transformers, circuit breakers, motor control centers, switchgear, and structural steel. High voltage equipment requires specialized procedures performed by personnel trained specifically for that purpose. New-Hart Services performs work exclusively on high voltage substation and transmission equipment.

Transformer Radiators:
Only proper "flow-coating" methods can ensure complete and even paint coverage on the transformer radiator surfaces. Utility companies, petrochemical plants and refineries all over the world rely on it as the best method for long-term radiator protection. We carefully match our flow-coating procedures with the best paint materials for the job.

Some of the most severely corrosion damaged radiators we find are the result of applicators attempting to spray paint or taking short cuts in the flow-coating process. Our personnel are fully equipped to prepare all surfaces for painting, with an emphasis on protecting the integrity of the radiators, followed by applying the finest coating systems available for the specific application.

Lead Abatement:
All New-Hart Services field personnel are certified in lead abatement. If your equipment has paint coatings containing lead, we follow OSHA guidelines in the removal and handling of lead based coatings. We can provide sampling and testing services to check for lead if needed.

Switchgear, Breakers and MCC Equipment:
We go to great lengths to protect sensitive areas of this type equipment, ensuring that no damage or contamination occurs during surface preparation and painting procedures.

Specifications tailored to individual site requirements.

We provide extended warranties and long-term corrosion prevention plans.

100% Coverage with Flow Coating